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Ondrej Donek ondrejd at xxxxx
Sat May 8 18:36:10 UTC 2010

  Hi everyone,

my name is Ondrej Donek and I'm 28-year old (mainly) PHP developer from 
Czech Republic. Before a while I started using Geany and because I like 
it I want to start to contributing into the project.

I started with a small addition which I can use in my work - a PHP 
support for a Classbuilder plugin. It includes another menu entry, 
customized dialog and some new code for generating template. Included is 
all what is needed for generating classes for PHP 5.3+ with singleton 
checkbox as a bonus. I'm attaching a patch of classbuilder.c and I will 
be gratefull for all comments because I'm not skilled C/C++ developer.

I've also look over requested features on SourceForge and I found two 
small requests which I like and (hopefully) can do: #2997238 
and #2972547 
Please, provide me some hints how to start with work and what is needed 
to do (besides the codding).


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