[Geany-devel] build dialog default entries color

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Jun 23 06:40:35 UTC 2010

>> It'll also be nice to recolor the active row when it loses the focus.
>> Currently, once you in a row, it remains in "changed color" until the
>> dialog is closed, even if no changes were made.

Apologies I missed this.

It remains in the changed colour because once you have entered it the
setting is now configured from this source, it just happens to have
the same text as the source its overriding.  It can't go back
automatically even if you don't change anything because then you would
lose the project setting just because it happened to have the same
text as the user setting.

To remove the configuration from this source use the clear button,
then the colour goes back.


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