[Geany-devel] Git switch

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Jun 14 23:11:51 UTC 2010

> In fact, it is a much less critical decision which host to chose than
> it may seem. After creating the repository, the main developers don't
> have to visit the web pages of the host any more. The only thing they
> have to do is to push the changes to all the git hosts geany will use
> (it could be sourceforge, github and gitorious in parallel - it will
> be up to the contributors which one they'll chose [probably github or
> gitorious because these can host their own clones]).

Can they create a local clone of a repo on some other server, without
having to create a project? That would be good!!

 This can even be
> automated if the push is made on your own server and  then propagated
> by some script to all the mirrors. The web pages of the host will be
> visited only by the contributors who want to create their own clone
> (and from this point they can also forget about the web interface).
> There are features like "merge request" at gitorious that notify the
> maintainter about the merge from a contributor, but this can be
> disabled so the only way the contributor will ask for merging his work
> will be through the mailing list and publishing url of his repository
> (wherever it is located).

Thats closer to the current way of working and is better IMO for
pathes that are more than one-liners, some explanation of what the
change is and what it does is useful.

> Git is a distributed VCS - it doesn't matter where the user pulls from
> - whether it's some host like gitorious, the official repository, or a
> local clone on your machine - the mirrors should just be kept up to
> date. And for instance if github is not officially supported and there
> is some github lover, nobody prevents him from pulling from the
> official repository and pushing to a github clone so he keeps it more
> or less up to date (I did the same with the current geany gitorious
> repository [I just don't keep it up to date, but I could of course] -
> there will be no difference for people if they pull from there or your
> official git mirror). And if you dislike one host and want to move to
> another one, you'll just move the repository there - all the user's
> local clones will be still valid, they'll just have to start pulling
> from a different url.

Which confuses everyone, so it shouldn't happen too often.

> So the question should rather be WHETHER to move and not WHERE to move
> - the latter is much less important at this point. The only thing I'd
> like to see is that one of the repositories makes it possible to
> create personal clones for external developers.


> Cheers,
> Jiri
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