[Geany-devel] Git switch

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Sun Jun 13 16:01:40 UTC 2010

Am 13.06.2010 17:59, schrieb Chow Loong Jin:
> Then let's not go the Linus route. We can always adopt a working model
> as follows, which I've attempted to translate from the svn workflow as
> best as I can:
> We host Geany (git) on sourceforge.net. Developers who have push
> access (i.e. the ones who currently have commit access to svn) can push
> new commits there.
> Contributors:-
> 1. Clone the git repository from sourceforge.net
> 2. Do their work locally, and produce commits of the fixes/new features
>     they implement.
> 3. They then submit these back to you via:
>     * Mailing list: git format-patch can generate patches formatted
>       properly for this purpose.
>     * Remotely hosted branches: gitorious.org/github.com can be very
>       useful for these, no matter how much you hate them. It'd be worth
>       having a mirror of Geany on gitorious.org/github.com to allow for
>       users to perform remote-cloning and pushing of new commits, so
>       that you can either rebase or merge these back into the main tree
>       hosted at sourceforge.net.
> Access control, directly translated from svn:
> * Anyone who can commit to svn can push to git.
> * Anyone who can commit to svn can create and modify branches in svn, so
>    let anyone who can push to git create and commit to branches.
> For purposes of migration to git, I think we can just adopt the model
> I've proposed above first, and think about any other changes to further
> reap any benefits git can bring later on.

Sounds great to me! :)

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