[Geany-devel] project build dialog - Re: [ANNOUNCE] gproject - yet another geany project plugin

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Sat Jun 12 01:28:37 UTC 2010


> My current thinking is that the dialog that is shown is read only and
> shows what will actually be run, and then there is an edit button
> which shows a sub-dialog. If a project is open the subdialog has two
> sets of fields, if no project then only one set, or the project fields
> are insensitive (which I think is better GUI design practice since the
> user can see where that info will be edited when the project is open)

On re-re-re-reading this I realised that it might not be clear that
the first dialog is a table with a row for each menu item and that
there is an edit button for each row of the dialog.  The edit
subdialog shows the settings for that menu item only.

Describing GUIs in words isn't easy given how imprecise English is.


> For the first dialog, suggestions on how to simply show where that
> setting comes from are welcome, the simplest is of course to just say
> "from project", "from user", "from global" or whatever but it does use
> a bit of space.


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