[Geany-devel] [ANNOUNCE] gproject - yet another geany project plugin

Jiří Techet techet at xxxxx
Thu Jun 10 22:34:36 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 23:07, Yura Siamashka <yurand2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jun 2010 22:31:27 +0200
> Jiří Techet <techet at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'd be happy if you tested it - you'd be the first one ;-).
> I tested your plugin and I really liked it, nice job.

Thanks for your original plugin - it made me look at the problem in a
slightly different way.

> My geanyprj plugin idea about all project files located at the one basedir made bad joke of me.
> Lately I have to work with lot of crazy code (SDK for different embedded boards). Here is sample structure.
> /apps/my_app1
> /apps/my_app2
> /libs/common_lib
> /huge_external_app_sources/kernel
> /huge_external_app_sources/xorg
> When I work on "my_app1" I want to be able to use tags for "my_app1" and "common_lib", but I can't do this with one basedir.

I work with something similar...

gproject shares the tags of all open projects. You can manually
deselect "generate tags for all project files" in the project
properties dialog for those projects whose tags you don't wish to be

> Since you have to manually open project in your plugin,

Not quite - it's semi-automatic. Your plugin does this completely
automatically. If you wish this to happen in my plugin, you have to
press the "reload all" button in the sidebar. Then it automatically
opens the projects of all the open files and selects the current
project based on the current file. The reason why it isn't completely
automatic as you did it is that it's slow for big projects and
switching between two files coming from different projects was too

> I think it won't conflict with your plugin's ideology to make "basedir" as list as all other fields. So both "my_app1" and "common_lib" sources will be part of the project and big nasties as my_app2, kernel and xorg won't.

It kind of starts complicating things. But as tags are shared, isn't
this enough for you?


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