[Geany-devel] Build, Compile, Execute [Built Setting] for various filenanetypes extension

Noli Sicad nsicad at xxxxx
Tue Feb 23 22:18:26 UTC 2010


> Hmmmm, try configuring using the [build-menu] settings, [build_settings] is
> the old format that is not necessarily properly converted in the SVN version
> because it does not contain all the information that the new format needs so
> some defaults are picked, but of course they might not be right.
> In fact you could try configuring it with the dialog, that should write the
> new section and format to your user filetype file.

OK. I try to look at it. But it seems the dialog form is only intended
for real languages i.e. c and c++ and really for scripting languages.

> Also I'd recommend that you configure the compile command, not the execute
> command.  That way the output from the command is captured and shown in the
> message window.  And if glpsol is consistent with the GCC error format it
> will be parsed for easily jumping to the source of the error.

I have configure the compile command but still error

# %f will be replaced by the complete filename
# %e will be replaced by the filename without extension
# (use only one of it at one time)
compiler=/usr/local/bin/glpsol -m "%f"
#linker=g++ -Wall -o "%e" "%f"
run_cmd="/usr/local/bin/glpsol -m "%f""

Would it be possible to show me the right syntax on compiler for linux?

I tried these commands:

compiler=/usr/local/bin/glpsol -m "%f"

compiler="/usr/local/bin/glpsol -m "%f""

The 2 syntax is not working. What is the right syntax for linux, mac
os and windows?

Based on experience glpsol is not so difficult to run in scintilla
base editors. R package is the worst to configure.

Any R package users in this group? How do you configure R package in
windows, mac os x and linux in geany?


Please show us your compiler and cmd_run configuration?

Any of 56 languages in the scintilla lexer will do? Not c/c++, python,
perl, php, javac, current languages that run out of the box (default)
in geany

Thanks. Noli

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