[Geany-devel] Build, Compile, Execute [Built Setting] for various filenanetypes extension

Noli Sicad nsicad at xxxxx
Tue Feb 23 07:18:00 UTC 2010

Hi Lex,

Thanks you for taking the time in answering my question.

> I'm not sure that my point was clear enough.

I think your point is clear enough.

> Geany has a unified model of a file type.  When a file is loaded, its type
> is determined (or it is set by Document->Set Filetype ->...).  This type
> controls the text highlighting and the filetype dependent build menu
> commands.

Probably if GLPK is created in the 50's the address the needs of the
time, then there is no problem, it would a fit into the mold classic
c/c++ compiler.

compiler = glpsol --mps mylinearprogramingmodel.mps
run_cmd = glpsol -mps mylinearprogrammingmodle.mps.

BTW, the MPS is created by IBM in the 50.  MPS is mathmatical
programming system

On line doc

Then followed by the LP format
LP format doc

> Scite (and apparently TextAdept) does not have a unified model, the commands
> have to be specified separately by extension as your post showed.  I am not
> saying one model is better than another, they are just different.  In this
> case Scite can be more flexible, but the Geany model has other advantages
> and AFAIK this is the first time this problem has occurred.

As I mentioned, SciTE is the father of all scintilla base editors.
Since the developer of TextAdept is  author of SciTE cloned
(SciTe-tools - scintilla lua dynamic lexer). He knows exactly why
SciTE has 56 languages and scripts and does not fit into "unified
model", the classic c compier, I suppose.

> I am about to start more changes to the Geany build system that will further
> improve its flexibility.  But providing separate commands for different
> extensions within a single filetype is not in the plan because as I said,
> its never been needed before.  Without that capability Glpk can still be
> supported in two ways:

> 1. each of the extensions is a separate filetype, but using the same
> highlighting (BTW what lexer do you use with Scite because AFAIK it doesn't
> support GLPK) this is supported now in SVN with custom filetypes

The problem is we will have 5 (mps, lp(cplex), fps(freemps),
mod(mathprog), glp(glpk)) separates filetypes. What name should we use
? Probably, glpk_mps, glpk_lp, glpk_fmps, glpk_mathprog, and glpk_glp,
it might work but messy. Aside from this,  glpsol has ability to
translate/convert one format to another. Most of the solvers use mps
format. GLPK is one of the best in the area and this is the reason why
I am promoting GLPK to  the Geany users.

In GUSEK IDE, we use, c, sql and asm lexers to create the glmp.properties.

In TextAdept, I adopted c lexer and modified it to create glpk.lua
lexer. TextAdept use the lua dynamic lexer loading.

> 2. a plugin is added which modifies the command for GLPK files depending on
> the extension, this requires the re-make to be available (and the plugin to
> be written) but might be considered to be cleaner

I think this is the best option.

> To use method 1 all you need to do is to copy your current filetypes file so
> you have one per extension, set the compile (or whatever) command in the
> [build-menu] section for each, and edit filetype_extensions.conf to
> reference them.

I think this is the hack (method 1) and probably use just use - glpk1,
glpk2, glpk3, glpk4, glpk5

I hope Geany developers that address this issue.

Right now, windows users can use GUSEK IDE and TextAdept, for Mac OS X
users TextAdept and for linux users TextAdept and classic editors.

Lex, thanks again.

Regards, Noli

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