[Geany-devel] [ANNOUNCEMENT] website rework

Dominic Hopf dmaphy at xxxxx
Mon Feb 15 22:16:47 UTC 2010

Hello together,
I just wanted to let you know that I gave some love to the geany.org
website today (since it was Valentines day yesterday ;) ). No big thing,
don't expect a full re-design or anything. What you will see is:

 * There is a new page "Reviews" in the "Geany" section, where to write 
   about any website which provides Reviews about Geany. If you know 
   any website, blog or online magazine which wrote about Geany, please 
   let me know so I can add it there.

 * There is a new section called "Contribute", including four new 
   pages: Developers, Translators, Documentation and Support. Please 
   pay attention to those and let me know if you agree or dis-agree 
   with the things I wrote there, if you're missing something or if you 
   found any issue to fix. Feedback is highly appreciated.

 * Any text on geany.org got a small rework, in special I changed some 
   wording issues and added links to other pages within the texts so 
   handling for users and new visitors should be easier. I also removed 
   any open-in-new-window-or-tab links since it should be the users 
   decision if he wants a link to open in a new browser tab or window 
   or anything else. Another thing I did here was to make consistent 
   use of header levels - that means, changed some headers from h3 to 
   h2 and so on...

 * I gave some love to the css file and redesigned the headers, added 
   some letter-spacing, increased the above and below the header and 
   changed the color of the headers to gray. - Let me know if you like 
   it or not

What still has to be done is updating the screenshot gallery as I
promised on IRC today. If you like to make some screenshots of your
Geany in action, feel free to send them to me but consider to not shoot
any content which may be sensible.

Best Regards,

Dominic Hopf <dmaphy at googlemail.com>


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