[Geany-devel] Opening files with command-line

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun Feb 7 19:40:18 UTC 2010


Enrico Tröger a écrit :
> On Sun, 7 Feb 2010 12:40:28 +0300, Eugene wrote:
> Heya,
>> 1. If user opens a project, all other filenames passed via command-line
>> are ignored (see main.c:load_startup_files()). Why?
> I guess the reason was related to the current behaviour you described
> below. Otherwise, I'm not sure.
It would be cool IMO that it simply open the other files in the project,
I would use this sometimes. And I don't think it changes anything to the
users that don't want this.
>> 2. There is a related bug-report: [1]. Currently a command like "geany
>> file.txt" does not open default session. I think the proposed
>> behaviour (default session SHOULD be opened) is better.
>> With current version it's impossible to force the session to be
>> opened, while with proposed behaviour everything is simple: if you
>> want the session to be opened, type "geany file.txt"; if you don't,
>> type "geany -s file.txt".
>> To be precise, with current version default session IS opened, but its
>> files not. That means, the default session is overwritten after Geany
>> is closed. A user may not like that (like any other
>> unpredictable destructive behaviour). 
>> The new behaviour is backward-incompatible, so maybe(?) it's worth
>> providing a hidden option to turn on the new behaviour, like Nick
>> suggested in the comments to the bug-report.
>> Any thoughts? If anyone votes for the new behaviour, I can implement it
>> (in SM branch).
> I don't mind much but having a preferences (even a GUI pref) probably
> won't hurt and if you like to implement it in your branch, even better
> (maybe just skip the GUI pref part for now).
> Other opinions?
I'm completely with this. I was always annoyed by the behavior of "geany
file" not opening the default session. Why? mostly because sometimes I
just want to open a file with Geany, and I don't remember/realize/pay
attention that Geany is not already opened, and as I strongly use the
default session, I need to reopen some files manually that would have
been reopened automatically by the session.

Ah, and another thing on the topic (or close to): I think that the
default session should probably NOT be saved if a project is opened.
Why? because:
1) It is probably useless: the list of opened files is already stored in
the project, no need to save it twice.
2) I often have more than one instance of Geany opened: one with the
default session (for small stuff unrelated to a specific project, or to
too small projects to need a project file, or for every file I need to
edit  and close just after that, etc.) and one or more with a project
opened. I'm used to close the Geany's instances in the right order - the
projects, then the default session - but sometimes I do it wrong, and
then I loose my default session to something I have already in a project

But about the preference to choose the behavior, I don't thing it would
be useful. I don't see any case where it makes sense: if a user won't
the session to be restored at startup, she just have to uncheck the
preference that already exist and she's done.


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