[Geany-devel] [PATCH 19/19] Use per document indent sizes

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+tools at xxxxx
Sun Aug 8 01:22:46 UTC 2010

Jiří Techet wrote:

> Different documents may use different indent size and it's often necessary
> to have all of them opened in parallel and use the correct indent size
> for each of them.
> The current implementation doesn't save the indent size to the project and
> session file - this can be added if desired.
> Right now the indent size is set from a submenu of the document menu.
> This can be changed to use dialog to set the indent size; also a combined
> approach is possible - display only the common sizes in the submenu
> (2, 4, 8) with "others" item that opens the dialog to set the more esoteric
> indent sizes.


I've applied this patch to my own tree and I'm not sure its working
as it should.

When I have a document open (with default tabs width set to 4) and I use
your menu item to set the document to 8 I expect the indent to switch
from 4 to 8 but that doesn't happen.

Did my cherry picking of this patch miss out something that was in one
of the other patches?

Erik de Castro Lopo

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