[Geany-devel] Auto-completion of struct/class (C/C++) members overriden by normal auto-completion

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Sat Apr 17 16:02:19 UTC 2010


I think I found a bug. If you have a struct completition list open (e.g. 
after typing the dot after foo where foo is an instance of a struct) you 
normally get a completion list with only the members. If you then type 
further until you typed the number of characters needed for the normal 
list, then the normal list pops up (the one which has all sorts of 
stuffs like functions etc) and the struct-specific one is destroyed.

I think this is a bug because the current code tries to proted the 

I have a proposed fix in my git repo, you can see it here: 

The problem seems to be that it only checks for an open list for the tag 
completion, not for the "documents' words" one. Also, the check before 
the tag completion list seems wrong too so I fixed it.

With that patch, everything works alright again for me.

Best regards.

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