[Geany-devel] Unicode code entry

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Tue Sep 22 23:35:32 UTC 2009


I am having difficulty with Unicode code point insertion.  Basically
it doesn't work and I can't see how it could as described in the

I have control-Shift-u undefined, but since on_key_press_event catches
keybindings before they get to GTK, all control-shift keybindings for
hex characters (a-f)  must be undefined.  This means many of the find
keybindings must be undefined. But even then, with control-shift held
digits are seen as !@#$%^&*() and rejected.

Am I doing something wrong or has the behaviour changed?

Using SVN head or 0.18 and GTK 2.12.


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