[Geany-devel] Re : abc tagmanager patch

Forgeot Eric eforgeot at xxxxx
Sun Sep 6 22:13:38 UTC 2009

>I don't want to add any arbitraryfiletypes.
>We should limit the list of filetypes to those which are commonly used. 
>I think this "abc" should not be added.

well, it's a pity because every major text editor I know has support for abc: 

- Emacs has an external plugin:


(It's also easier to include external support for this kind of editor because they don't need to be recompiled)

- Vim has built-in syntax hightlight for ABC, it's included in the svn: 


- Kate has built-in syntax highlight too:

I'm developping also a linux live-cd dedicated to the use of ABC notation, among other things. It uses the Gnome desktop and Geany as the main text editor:


I can patch myself every new release of Geany to get the abc support, but modifying 6 files just for this is quite an heavy work.

Only Geany has such amazing feature such as the tagmanager, it's the reason I wish Geany can support many filetypes. If it was only a matter of including a definition file into my ~/.geany, I wouldn't bug you for including it into the svn, I'd only propose it on my website.

Here is a picture of Geany displaying a tunebook:


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