[Geany-devel] interactive typeahead seach for the sidebar

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Fri Sep 4 10:59:48 UTC 2009

Thomas Martitz schrieb:
> Uhm, I had a quick talk with Enrico about it. He had quite a few 
> remarks and complaints, so I planned on working on it further (I 
> didn't have time yet and I'm waiting for the update of HACKING [some 
> of his complains could've been avoided if HACKING was up-to-date]).

So, this should get away with the last of his remarks. It uses 
gtk_notebook_set_current_page() in treeviews.c again instead of 
document_open_full(), and replaces the goto in document.c by packing the 
following code into an equivalent if () block [although I personally 
think the goto wasn't *that* bad in this case, but I understand that 
people don't like them].

The other remarks (the shadow copy thing for example) are fixed or don't 
make sense to change now anymore.

If you still have remarks, I'm willing to fix them.

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