[Geany-devel] geany-plugins release GTK version / build fixes / NEWS

Nick Treleaven nick.treleaven at xxxxx
Thu Sep 3 11:12:42 UTC 2009

Just wondering about some things for plugins in the geany-plugins
release. (This doesn't apply for any plugins in SVN that aren't part of
the release).

Should there be a common minimum version for GTK/GLib? I think this
might be a good idea.

Also for small obvious fixes to plugins (e.g. to get them to build),
should we just commit them ourselves rather than going through the
maintainer (that might be too busy to respond for a while)?

Another thing is whether we have a common NEWS file for the release. I
think we should; it could be updated by each plugin author with any
notable changes. Chow or someone else/me could have the right to
edit/remove anything in it if it's too big or unclear.


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