[Geany-devel] Custom Filetypes

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon Oct 12 07:59:24 UTC 2009

Hi Nick, Enrico,

I've got a question about how your custom filetype functionality will
work when its available, specifically if it will do the following:

For the builders WAF and SCONS the config files are actually pieces of
python so they need to:

- detect the custom filetype from the filename (not extension)
(SConstruct and SConscript for SCONS and wscript for WAF)
- use python lexers and highlighting
- load tags for the functions provided by SCONS or WAF so tooltips work
- since the config files are not a complete python program they should
not have python compile and run commands, but at least SCONS could
have a compile that is "scons --dry_run" and I'm sure WAF has a
similar option.  This will automatically work with the new build
system so long as the custom filetype functionality creates a separate
GeanyFiletype for the custom type and there is a suitable config file.


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