[Geany-devel] Some suggestions..

Sebastian Moors mauser at xxxxx
Tue Jun 30 15:34:27 UTC 2009


I'm using the project feature of geany a lot and would like to suggest 2 

1) After opening a project the file browser could jump to the base 
directory of the project. I think the most people
    use the file browser to select files *in* your project directory, so 
it would be good to have that as a starting point..

2) A better support for alternative build systems was discussed here 
sometimes... Is anyone working on this? What is the current status? When 
working with projects, a global "make" command makes not really sense 
anymore. I'm working with make , scons and waf projects, so it is very 
hard to use a single "make" command for all of them.

Thanks for your work,

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