[Geany-devel] multi-plugin plugin - Re: Python plugin API

Jonas Haag jonas at xxxxx
Mon Jun 15 12:25:40 UTC 2009

Am 15.06.2009 00:02, schrieb Enrico Tröger:
> Alternatively, maybe some kind of proxy plugin could do the trick:
> this plugin is loaded by Geany as any other plugin, it provides the
> necessary symbols Geany expects, and then this plugin provides some
> interface to various real Python plugins by exporting the Geany API in
> Python and so this plugin acts as some kind of proxy between Geany and
> the Python plugins.
But using this (which would be the easiest way to implement the 
interface) geany wouldn't know about Python plugins (Python plugins 
registered at that "proxy" plugin).

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