[Geany-devel] Python plugin API

Jonas Haag jonas at xxxxx
Wed Jun 10 16:20:25 UTC 2009

Am 10.06.2009 17:33, schrieb Nick Treleaven:
> Basically the GeanyLua plugin wraps some Geany API functions and
> exposes these to Lua scripts. The scripts are run when a menu item is
> clicked, or a script is run in response to an event.
I think that's the right thing to do, but I want - if possible? - to 
make those plugins work without being started and controled from within 
geany but from outside. But, wait a minute, doing things this would make 
the python plugins not be *real* plugins (because they are not 
registered by geany and so on)...

I think I will try to get some basic working python wrapper within the 
next week(s) - I'll see whats possible and whats not ;-)


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