[Geany-devel] Plugin for haxe-completion

Andreas Mokros am at xxxxx
Sun Jul 5 16:28:26 UTC 2009


On Sun, 5 Jul 2009 16:56:58 +0200
Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de> wrote:
> I just had a look at the code and we are currently using only index 0
> in Geany, so you could use index 1. 

Ah, so these are autocompletion lists? I thought you were using user
lists ... Sorry, but this is a bit confusing. In Scintilla docs it says:
Index must be greater than 0 as this is how Scintilla tells the
difference between an autocompletion list and a user list.

> That is, if there
> is another plugin which uses userlists, they could interfere eachother
> by using the same index,

That's what I was afraid of, so I'd better ask.

> Well, if you use your own userlist (index > 0 as mentioned above) you
> can use whatever separator you want and set it SCI_AUTOCSETSEPARATOR
> for the used userlist index.

Uhm, confusing again.
There is no index-parameter for SCI_AUTOCSETSEPARATOR and I'd rather
thought that this is a setting for all lists (haven't tried, though).

> If you use the autocompletion list, you should keep the \n separator
> to not confuse Geany too much :).

I'll do.

> But then you must also maintain the SCN_AUTOCSELECTION and
> SCN_AUTOCCANCELLED notifications to stop Geany handling them if your
> plugin shows the autocompletion list. Otherwise there could be weird
> side effects when Geany receives these notifications from Scintilla
> which are triggered by your plugin.

I haven't thought about this, but the plugin works pretty good as is.
Probably Geany does exactly what I want here :-)
The only thing which is not so good is the standard Geany
autocompletion appearing while my list is shown, as I said.

> So, I'd say you better use an userlist even though you need a bit more
> code handling the event when the user chose an item from the list. For
> an example how to do that, see the actest plugin I wrote some time ago
> (http://lists.uvena.de/pipermail/geany/2009-June/004655.html, the
> code is attached to the mail on the link).

OK. I'll have a look at it.
But not today. Enough Scintilling for now :-)


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