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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Jul 5 14:56:58 UTC 2009

On Sun, 5 Jul 2009 00:04:15 +0200, Andreas wrote:


>> > >Another question: It seems that you use "\n" as a separator  
>> > Er, this is completely up to you which character you use assuming
>> > you are using your own userlist (index > 1).  
>> Hmm, I don't know what you mean by "userlist (index > 1)" actually.
>Ah, I just saw that user lists are another Scintilla feature. Sorry, I
>just started with all this GTK and Scintilla stuff. Is it better to use
>user lists? And does index > 1 mean that you use index = 1 in Geany and
>anything above is free to use?

I just had a look at the code and we are currently using only index 0
in Geany, so you could use index 1. The problem is there is currently
no way to find out what indixes are already in use. That is, if there
is another plugin which uses userlists, they could interfere eachother
by using the same index, We probably need to some API and a bit code
behind to maintain used indexes.
But for now, if you want to use the userlist feature, use index 1.
Index 0 is in use by Geany.

>The separator for user lists is also set with SCI_AUTOCSETSEPARATOR,
>though, right? So if I'd set my own separator it would influence
>other lists as well, wouldn't it? I have no problem with "\n". I just
>wanted to know if it's the general separator to use for lists in

Well, if you use your own userlist (index > 0 as mentioned above) you
can use whatever separator you want and set it SCI_AUTOCSETSEPARATOR
for the used userlist index.

If you use the autocompletion list, you should keep the \n separator to
not confuse Geany too much :).
But then you must also maintain the SCN_AUTOCSELECTION and
SCN_AUTOCCANCELLED notifications to stop Geany handling them if your
plugin shows the autocompletion list. Otherwise there could be weird
side effects when Geany receives these notifications from Scintilla
which are triggered by your plugin.

So, I'd say you better use an userlist even though you need a bit more
code handling the event when the user chose an item from the list. For
an example how to do that, see the actest plugin I wrote some time ago
(http://lists.uvena.de/pipermail/geany/2009-June/004655.html, the
code is attached to the mail on the link).


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