[Geany-devel] [Geany Plugins] naming issues and consistence

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Dec 13 11:45:10 UTC 2009

On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 08:06:25 +0100, Dominic wrote:

>Hi everyone :)
>I've noticed there is some confusion and inconsistency in the Plugin
>Manager dialogue of Geany, because some Plugins show up with another
>name in the plugin manager as the plugins name actually is. This
>confuses especially new users.
>An example which explains this a bit better is the plugin I maintain:
>GeanyGDB. If a user installed this, it showed up as "Debugger". What a
>user actually would have expected is, that a new item showed up as
>"GeanyGDB". I fixed this with SVN revision 1075 of Geany-Plugins and I
>think there finally is no "debug" or "debugger" anymore which could
>confuse anyone. It all is either "geanygdb" (Unix name) or
>"GeanyGDB" (the actual plugin name) and I will continue this naming in
>that way.
>Since this is not the only plugin where I noticed this issue I would
>like to encourage you to have a look at the plugin you maintain and
>check if there maybe are similar naming and consistence issues - and if
>you find some, to fix them.

Yeah, great idea.

>I'm planning to do some effort to the websites concerning plugins for
>Geany, which are [1] and [2]. They both are very outdated at the
>present and need an update. My idea is to dedicate [1] to list the
>plugins shipped with Geany and just mention third party plugins
>(including the Geany Plugins project) there, but just link to [2]
>where any third party plugin would be listed. Ideas and suggestions
>are welcome. I will update you as soon as this work is finished.

Great! I like the idea to rewrite those pages to get them updated and
more accurate.


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