[Geany-devel] Strip trailing blank lines (patch included)

Eugene Arshinov earshinov at xxxxx
Thu Aug 27 17:35:20 UTC 2009

Hi Enrico.

Enrico Tro"ger wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Aug 2009 19:48:30 +0400, Eugene wrote:
> Hey,
>> I wrote new `editor_strip_trailing_newlines' function (see the
>> attached patch). Currently I call it directly from
>> `document_save_file' if `strip_trailing_spaces' setting is set. Of
>> course, it's not how it should be. Maybe separate menu item and option
>> should be added, like for trailing spaces. Alternative way is to
>> combine those, i.e., rename "Strip trailing spaces" to "Remove
>> excessive whitespace" :-) These all are usability issues, with which I
>> don't like to deal. If any of the developers has an opinion upon
>> those, I'll consider it and update the patch.
> Hmm, I'm not sure that would be an often used feature but of course it
> can be useful and you already wrote the code (and used it on the
> modified files in your patch...I like to have two or three trailing
> blank links at EOF :D).
> Back to the topic, what about putting this into a plugin?
> Either as a separate plugin which might be a bit overhead, or as part
> of the addons plugin which aims to collect such small pieces of
> additions or as a new (core) plugin into which we could move the
> existing other both related features, too.
> Just some thoughts. Opinions?
Putting it to the addons plugin sounds reasonable. I'll do it this or 
next week.

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