[Geany-devel] sciwrappers.h not compilable ?

Nick Treleaven nick.treleaven at xxxxx
Mon Aug 17 12:39:57 UTC 2009

On Sun, 16 Aug 2009 23:36:29 +0200
Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de> wrote:

> Ok, I got it now. Sorry.
> Still in Geany itself, first include geany.h, for any plugins just
> include geanyplugin.h and you are done.
> Yes, we could change the code so that headers are safer to be
> included more randomly but who does it?
> Regarding Geany's core code, basically, it is just geany.h which you
> should include at first. Other headers' order doesn't matter much.
> In my first post in this thread I said the order of the includes is
> important, that is only partly true and with the new geanyplugin.h it
> isn't true anymore at all because you have only one include and so the
> order is not important, haha.
> But assuming one doesn't use geanyplugin.h and instead includes various
> headers, the order is important in that way that you:
> - first include geany.h
> - then include other core Geany header as well as Scintilla and
> tagmanager headers if necessary
> - finally include pluginmacros.h and geanyfunctions.h

No, don't include pluginmacros.h, it's deprecated and may be removed

> Again, now, just include geanyfunction.h and we don't need to discuss
> this further.

I agree, that's its purpose, to avoid confusion about which headers
and which order to include them in.


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