[Geany-devel] interactive typeahead seach for the sidebar

Dominic Hopf dmaphy at xxxxx
Sat Aug 15 19:59:30 UTC 2009

Am Samstag, den 15.08.2009, 21:19 +0200 schrieb Thomas Martitz:
> So, I'm always having multiple dozens of files open, some of which 
> define even more symbols.
> At that point I began to really miss the search you can do in the file 
> open/save dialog (while typing search, the gtk docs say interactive or 
> typeahead search).
> I looked at it and got it sort of working (see 
> http://www.alice-dsl.net/simonemartitz/geany.png), however I ran into 
> some problems.
> a) switching focus to the editor widget. When using the keyboard to do 
> the search, the first match will be selected. As of now, selecting 
> something in the list automagically switches the focus to the editor. 
> That is of course unwanted while you're searching as it will stop and 
> break the search basically upon entering the first character. In a work 
> around, I disabled this switching if the selection happened by using the 
> keyboard. This works well for the symbol list, but not at all for the 
> open file list (which still changes the focus).
> b) opening files doesn't bring it in front anymore. I removed the 
> "changed" signal for the open file list as it's incompatible with 
> searching. but that broke opening files as the mechanism to bring the 
> open file up relies on the sidebar here. For this, I thought the 
> "bringing the new doc up" code could be moved to the opening document 
> code (document.c), and the sidebar handler just does a call 
> document_open_file(). Would that work?
> So, I basically want to discuss about a) if this feature is wanted and 
> b) about the two problems that showed up.
For a): Yes! I think I would really love this feature too!


Dominic Hopf <dmaphy at gmail.com>


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