[Geany-devel] interactive typeahead seach for the sidebar

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Sat Aug 15 22:09:51 UTC 2009

Thomas Martitz wrote:
> So, I basically want to discuss about a) if this feature is wanted and 
> b) about the two problems that showed up.
> I really love this feature already.
> Attached is my diff.
> Best regards. 

I think I fixed the issues I mentioned, it works flawlessly so far at least.

for a)
    1) steal the focus right away if using the mouse
    2) steal the focus while typing only after the symbol/file has been 
"activated"(i.e. after return/enter, space)

for b) I reordered the code in document.c a bit. In fact, the code for 
bringing the opened document in front is already there, but only used if 
the file to be opened existed already. I moved it so, that it does that 
in any event. I copied to focus-stealing function into document.c also, 
since I think setting the focus into the editor widget is desirable for 
normal file opening too (ctrl + o, select, hit enter, start coding right 

diff attached

Best regards
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