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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sat Aug 15 16:48:10 UTC 2009

On Fri, 14 Aug 2009 11:59:27 +1000, Lex wrote:

>but I think the following should make it into a menu (actually a
>submenu, since I don't think they are commonly used enough to go in a
>top level menu) and I have suggested which new submenu to put them in.
>Ctrl-K          delete current line       popup-edit
>Ctrl-T          transpose current line    popup-edit
>Ctrl-Shift-X    cut line                  popup-edit
>Ctrl-Shift-C    copy line                 popup-edit
>Alt-Shift-W     select word               edit-select and popup-select
>Alt-Shift-P     select para               edit-select and popup-select
>Alt-Shift-L     select line               edit-select and popup-select
>               insert alt whitspace      popup-edit
>               indent space              popup-indent
>               undent space              popup-indent
>               prev indent               popup-indent
>Ctrl-B          matching brace            edit-goto  popup-goto
>Ctrl-M          toggle marker             edit-goto  popup-goto
>Ctrl-.          next marker                  "          "
>Ctrl-,          prev marker                  "          "

Cool, thanks for this list.
However, I fail to make any sense of the third column. Could you give
some hint about what exactly "popup-edit", "popup-select" and the others
mean? Thanks.

>We better be careful, this could spark another GUI discussion ;-)

I guess it's already too late, haha.

>I have been toying with the idea of adding a simple action
>recorder/replayer by recording key presses (in on_key_press_event

Maybe it's best to try realising this as a plugin from the beginning.
There are certainly things missing in the API right now but missing
bits could be added.
As a plugin, your new code wouldn't affect the core, so reduces the
risk of serious bugs (keybinding management is somewhat essential for
an editor :D) and keeps independent.

>function) and capturing menu activations by a signal emission hook on
>the activate signal.

How do you mean that? Do you want to connect to the activate signal of
each single menu item? Maybe this can be avoided by connecting to the
"button-press-event" or maybe better "button-release-event" of the main
window ('main_widgets.window') and inside the handler determine which
widget actually was activated. Not completely sure whether this will
work but I think so. This way you don't need to modify any or at least
not much code in Geany itself. Just an idea.

> My question is, are there any actions that don't use one of these
>paths, and are there any that use both, for example any key presses
>that go to GTK and activate menus rather than call the callbacks
>directly in on_key_press_event or any other actions that are invoked
>directly without an activate signal?

Hmm, probably :(. Some keybindings call "activate" in callbacks.c of
the corresponding menu items, other keybindings have their own code to
do something and some other keybindings call other Geany functions
directly which are also called from "activate" handlers. This certainly
can be improved and unified but so far it just worked.
For details, just have a look in src/keybindings.c and walk through the
various handlers.
But in general, all key presses should go first into
on_key_press_event(), mouse actions are not that easy to handle I think
as described above.


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