[Geany-devel] Search in files & encodings

Walery Studennikov despairr at xxxxx
Fri Nov 14 05:08:00 UTC 2008

2008/11/13 Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de>:
>>> Just to clarify: you are talking about wrongly displayed search
>>> results in the messages window at the bottom when searching in files
>>> with a non-UTF-8 encoding?
>>No. Just nothing found (bacause we searching in wrong encoding).
> Oh, ok. Now that you say it, it's obvious. We pass always UTF-8 text to
> 'grep' but this doesn't match when the file is encoded in any other
> encoding (and you are using non-Ascii characters).
> I added some code in SVN r3221 to provide an encoding list in the Find
> in Files dialog.
> The set encoding is used to convert the entered search text into and to
> display the search results.
> Actually, the entered search text can be in UTF-8 or in the specified
> encoding though I only tested it with UTF-8 text since this is the most
> common case (everything you select or copy from within Geany is UTF-8,
> always even the file encoding is something else).
> Any feedback is welcome.

Yes, it works now, thanks.
Just on more feature-request for "Find in files" dialog:
search directories ("Directory" field) now are not remembered between
different geany runs but it probably should be.
When I exit geany and run I again -- directory list is empty.
Also, I think, it would be reasonable to set "directory" field
to default project directory by default.
Now I'm forced to enter default project directory again and again in
this dialog.
And I think this dialog would be just perfect after those improvements  ;)

Walery Studennikov

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