[Geany-devel] Vala file type & co

Colomban Wendling ban-ubuntu at xxxxx
Sat Nov 1 23:55:05 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I try to add Vala support in Geany in a better way than just use C#
filetype & co.
For now, I got a usable filetype, with:
 * filetype
 * keywords
 * syntax highlighting (based on C# one, itself based on C++ one)
 * usable tag manager (well, most of the work)

For now, the tag manager seems to work correctly. It is small add-ons
over C one, as C# one does.
The main leak is I've not written a custom tag list.
What is not perfect:
 * Interfaces are shown as "Structs/Typedefs";
 * Properties are shown as Members (hack in code because properties are
not shown at all);
 * Signals are handled as simple functions. This is not really annoying,
but it may be better to have separate tag list.
And Exception types are shown as named enums, but this don't hurt me;
should it?

The main goal of this email is to solicit your opinion about what is
good, what is not, and perhaps help to improve tags manager (since I
mostly do tries to see how it works ^^). Generally, any comment and help
is welcome :)

Note that I am not a Vala power-user or a filetype-writing God, and the
main reason I would to write a Vala mode for Geany is to learn Vala,
then perhaps I made mistakes. If you see so, tell it to me, I'll learn :)

helpful links:

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