[Geany] geanylua question

Andreas Mokros am at xxxxx
Fri Apr 25 23:51:45 UTC 2008

Jeff Pohlmeyer wrote:

> Yes, but Lua modules on Linux don't need to link to the
> shared library at compile-time, they are able to resolve
> their symbols at load-time, from wherever the host app
> finds them.

You mean you can load the modules from geanylua and they use the
geany-functions in libgeanylua? Nice ...

> I will try to come up with some solution for this for the
> next release of geanylua, although I'm not sure what the
> best option would be. Maybe the best thing is just to add
> some documentation explaining the situation and how to
> make it work.

I have put the Lua-dll and the modules in a separate directory now. The
directory is in my PATH and it's also set as LUA_CPATH. I can load any
module with require now.


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