[Geany] geanylua question

Andreas Mokros am at xxxxx
Fri Apr 25 02:17:24 UTC 2008

Hi Jeff.

Thanks for this plugin first. I don't know much Lua yet but I'm sure it
will be very useful.

> hmmm... I never actually tried loading modules on Windows,
> it works fine on Linux. But I see now where it would be
> problematic.

Where do you put your modules in Linux? The libgeanylua that is
produced there is also static, isn't it?

> The problem is that geanylua links statically to 'liblua.a'
> but in order to load modules on Windows, it must (???) be
> re-compiled to link dynamically to lua51.dll instead.

I can compile a working geanylua statically with 'liblua5.1.a' but I'm
not sure how to link dynamically using MingW. Is it -shared -llua5.1

> I don't know how well this will work with whatever version
> you are running, but you can try them if you want:

Thanks, but our DLLs apparently don't work with 0.14.

> You will also need the "lua5_1_3_Win32_bin.zip" package
> from http://luaforge.net/projects/luabinaries/
> in order to get the shared Lua DLL's.

I tried -shared -llua5.1. Then I put the lua-DLL into the Geany
program dir. It apparently tries to load but then it complains about
missing msvcr80.dll. When copying msvcr80.dll to the dir another error
appears. Can it be that these DLLs are for MSVC only and cannot be used
with MingW? 


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