[Geany] mxml and AS

Jim McNamara thirdshiftcoder at xxxxx
Thu Apr 24 00:23:01 UTC 2008

hi shadow-

i kind of wonder about the same thing.
i know that someone is working on
HAXE support and you can use flex
from within HAXE if i understood
the HAXE website correctly.

i fooled with Flex a little and now
face the issue of learning HAXE if
there is no other support in Geany
for flex and AS. 

Haxe is suppose
to include among other things server
side functionality among other things
and they said you could use just one
language. I looked at the mysql 
interface and i think i am sticking 
with PHP on that one. I only wish
to use HAXE if i learn it for client
stuff. The ability to use HAXE for
creating desktop applications is 
cool too though.

I will check back soon on all of
this. I am very excited about Geany
and these ongoing possibilites (MXML,
AS,Haxe) for Linux.

not sure at what stage they are at
with all of this and that is why
i will check back in a bit.


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