[Geany] ANN: New Release: Geany 0.14

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Apr 20 09:45:30 UTC 2008

On Sun, 20 Apr 2008 09:44:16 +1200, Andy Elvey
<andy.elvey at paradise.net.nz> wrote:


>  I've started Geany from the console (as suggested) and this is the 
> output I get -
> *** Start of output ***
> $ geany -d
> ** INFO: Geany 0.14, GTK+ 2.12.1, GLib 2.14.2
> (geany:1163): Vte-WARNING **: Error setting PTY size: Resource 
> temporarily unavailable.
Huh, what's this? It's completely independent from the original problem
but interesting, does the embedded VTE still work for you?

> ** INFO: Failed to open /usr/local/share/geany//filetypes.haskell (No 
> such file or directory)
This message is the reason why the compile & run buttons don't work.

> regex: regcomp <h1>[    ]*(.*+)[        ]*</h1>: repetition-operator 
> operand invalid
Huh again.
Did you have opened any HTML files? 
What distribution are you using?

>  Just a note - there is a double-slash just before
> "filetypes.haskell" above - I wonder if that should be a
> single-slash? 
No, the double slash is no problem at all. It has absolutely no effect.
> Anyway, I went into /usr/local/share/gean and there wasn't a 
> filetypes.haskell file there.  So, that might be the problem.
Yes, it is the problem.
How did you install Geany (from source, from package management of
your distro, ...)?
Do you have any other files /usr/local/share/geany/?
If you installed from source, did you use any installation prefix?

In /usr/local/share/geany there should be a file filetypes.haskell
together with many other files (filetypes.* and a few others). 


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