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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
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On Thu, 17 Apr 2008 10:46:13 +0100, "Steve Horsley"
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Hi Steve,

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> I have no idea how easy this would be to do, but I would like to
> suggest an option whereby when you do a search, all occurences are
> highlighted. The first occurence would be selected as usual, but all
> other occurences highlighted in yellow. For a working example of what
> I mean, try searching for text in gedit. I find the feature very

I actually didn't test it with gedit because I don't want to install
all its Gnome dependencies just to test searching ;-).

But I'm pretty sure Geany already can what you are looking for. In the
search dialog, click on the expander "Find All" and then click on
"Mark" (see http://geany.uvena.de/manual/0.13/images/find_dialog.png
for reference).
This will highlight all matches, not exactly in yellow but in a nice
green ;-).

And with Geany 0.14 (upcoming release) you can also change the used
colour to yellow or whatever you like ;-).
If this matters for you, read the manual at
http://geany.uvena.de/manual/0.14/#special-file-filetypes-common and
look for the "marker_search" setting.


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