[Geany] possibly interesting competition

Ing. Nestor Alonso Torres nestor at xxxxx
Tue Apr 15 17:48:37 UTC 2008

I've been using Ulipad[1] yesterday, and code autocompletion was
amazing, at least with Python. 

It also has the "split window" option, in vertical and horizontal way,
something that some of us needs often.

There are some interesting things, i.e. code snippets support, and
ftp/shared folder support for editing remote files, but I didn't have
time to test it. 

As a drawback, it is not as fast as geany, mainly (IMHO) because is
implemented in python+wxWidget, which also makes it look "out" of the
look and feel of my desktop.

Maybe we can import some ideas ;-)



[1] http://code.google.com/p/ulipad/

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