[Geany] possibly interesting competition

John Gabriele jmg3000 at xxxxx
Fri Apr 11 04:09:13 UTC 2008

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 5:31 PM, Yura Siamashka <yurand2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Apr 2008 13:28:46 -0400
> "John Gabriele" <jmg3000 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 1. Using an embedded text search box (like Geany's Toolbar Search
>  > field) instead of a dialog box. (Scribes does this as well.)
>  If it is something like firefox search I don't think it have much benefits over dialog box. The only reason to have such thing if you are using tiled window manager like "awesome" or "ion3".

If the editor pops up a dialog box, it tends to obscure the text that
you're working on.

>  >
>  > 2. Multiple editing panes with minimal distraction. (The photo on the
>  > blog shows 5 panes, both monitors full-screen). (I realize that
>  > split-pane is a feature for Geany that's been requested and discussed
>  > in the past.) Of course, Geany already has a nice View menu item to
>  > toggle extra widgets.
>  It would be nice to see this in geany, but generaly panes are not very usefull in normal editing. Exception if it is some kind diff tool.

Actually, many users find this feature *very* useful (Ross points out
some good examples for why this is in another reply).

I forgot to mention though that, as has been mentioned here before,
you can run geany with the `-i` option to get a whole separate
instance (and thus have 2 windows side-by-side), but the problem is
you still have two full sidebars. Even at 1600x1200 you can't
comfortably get two vertical panes on the screen at the same time
without them overlapping.

>  >
>  > 3. Looks like Sublime has some things in common with TextMate. The
>  > blog indicates it can read TextMate's "syntax files" (not sure exactly
>  > what that means). TextMate is pretty popular right now on Mac OS X.
>  > I've seen some pretty neat colorschemes on TextMate, many of which are
>  > user-contributed. Might be pretty interesting if Geany, TextMate, and
>  > Sublime could all interchangably use the same colorscheme files. Good
>  > way to get a lot of free colorschemes. :)
>  This is something totaly useless, at least for me. Who needs a lot of colorschemes? Only one but really good is needed.

Trouble is, everyone's "one really good one" is different. ;)

>  > Also, Sublime has a pretty neat ultra-zoomed-out file view that might
>  > just be a novelty, or might be useful.
>  Mmm, how this feature can be any usefull in real life?

Not sure. Never tried it. Might be useful for mouse users? You can
probably grab the rectangle there and drag it up and down to scroll to
easily-recognizable parts of your file.


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