[Geany] returning from "go to tag definition"

Forest list8a.forest at xxxxx
Fri Apr 4 18:23:57 UTC 2008

Hi, all.

I recently discovered Geany, and it seems to be exactly the sort of
programmer's editor I've been looking for to replace SlickEdit.  Thanks!

Outside of syntax highlighting, my single most frequently used SlickEdit
feature is jumping to tag definitions and then returning to where I was
before the jump.  This works in a nested, last-in-first-out fashion, like
a stack.  I can jump from the body of function A to the definition of B,
then from B to C, and when I'm done reading C, return to exactly where I
was in B to make a few edits, and back again to my original position in A.
 This simple feature has proved to be a very powerful tool for
understanding and modifying code.  It is so intuitive that it doesn't
require any line markers to appear in the margin; the cursor movements are
sufficient to show me what's going on.

Geany's "go to tag definition" covers the first part of this feature, but
it doesn't seem to do the second.  Am I simply missing it?  If it's not
already part of Geany, would the developers consider adding a "return from
tag" feature like this?

I'm using Geany 0.12.



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