[Geany] Incremental Search Backward - the third

Nick Treleaven nick.treleaven at xxxxx
Tue Apr 1 15:55:12 UTC 2008

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008 22:25:55 -0400
"John Gabriele" <jmg3000 at gmail.com> wrote:

> However, when keyboard users
> find out that they can enter the field in a "search backward mode", it
> will look like a bug if there's no indication that widget bahaves
> differently but doesn't *look* different. With GUI's, if a widget
> behaviour changes, I think it should *look* like it has changed. If
> you don't like seeing the color change, you could always set its color
> to that of the default search field background. ;)

My point was just that there's no colour I associate with 'backwards',
so it's not a particularly clear indication. Changing the button image
to the up arrow does correspond with backwards.

> 1. When in search backward mode, do the buttons reverse their
> meanings? and
> 2. When in search backward mode, should Ctrl-G take you *forward*
> through the page or back? (Shift-Ctrl-G will take you the opposite
> direction.)

Well, I'm not keen on the button idea as I wrote before, but the
behaviour would be like that, i.e. an ISB would make find next search
up the document and find previous search down.

> Regarding #2, I'm a bit of a crank. I've never liked using the Shift
> modifier to make a Ctrl-key action do its *reverse* (or compliment).
> Geany typically uses the Shift modifier to *augment* whatever the
> given Ctrl-key keybinding does. And Geany usually uses 2 separate keys
> for commonly-used complementary actions. Ctrl-G and Shift-Ctrl-G is
> about the only exception to that general rule, and to me it sticks out
> like a sore thumb. Yes, I realize it's pretty common GUI usage, but I
> don't think that makes it correct. :)

GTK users are used to it though. I don't think we'll change it - it's
getting too complicated to move keybindings around, we've used pretty
much all the available shortcuts.


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