[Geany-Users] filetype, lexer, config file: using a new language

John Gabriele jgabriele at fastmail.fm
Sun May 22 04:51:31 UTC 2022

>> > and note the filetype name you use there and the filetype name used in
>> > the `filetype.XXX.conf` filename are case sensitive and must match
>> > exactly.
>> I'm not sure what you mean. I did this:
>>     cp /usr/share/geany/filedefs/filetypes.c ~/.config/geany/filedefs/filetypes.Hare.conf
> No, as I said, look at and copy one of the _custom_ filetypes files,
> not a builtin filetype file, one that looks like filetype.XXX.conf.
> Maybe start with filetypes.Swift.conf since it uses the C lexer.  Also
> obviously whichever existing filetype file you copy you need to change
> the keywords lists unless your language has exactly the same ones.

Thanks, Lex. That worked.

-- John

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