[Geany-Users] Geany on macOS via MacPorts

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at xxxxx
Wed Mar 2 14:53:49 UTC 2022


I just joined the list; hope this is OK.

You can now install geany and geany-plugins (1.38) on your Apple Macintosh via MacPorts.  MacPorts is a software packaging system that brings thousands of open source software packages to the Mac operating system.  After installing MacPorts (and Apple’s Xcode developer tools), you can install geany and most of the plugin collection with:

sudo port install geany-plugins

If you want a leaner install, you can install just geany with:

sudo port install geany

The default install of geany uses a X11 interface and so should be as similar as possible to other unix-based platforms if that is where you are coming from.  More experimental at this point, but can also install geany with a Quartz-based interface with:

sudo port install geany +quartz

FYI, MacPorts has had a package (“port”) for geany for several years.  I updated it to 1.38 recently and added the geany-plugins package.  Feel free to ping me if there are any problems or questions.  For more info on geany on MacPorts, you can look at



AFAICT, geany and geany-plugins are both native and compatible with Apple-silicone macs (“M1”).  geany built successfully on the MacPorts fleet of buildbots including the latest OS version on both X86_64 and arm64.



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