[Geany-Users] Editing question

o1bigtenor o1bigtenor at xxxxx
Fri Apr 9 12:10:42 UTC 2021


Stumbled upon geany when looking for a plain text editor that had very
strong AND intuitive search and replace functions and capabilities.
Trusty vi  just wasn't allowing my brain to wrap around any kind of
technique and since finding geany - - - - well I've been using it for
a number of years and don't see that changing - - - - - so many thanks
for a wonderful product that I likely use only a tiny fraction of its
tools or capabilities.

Ran into something and am not sure how to get around or fix.

Opened a previous document - - text - - created in Geany.
Wanted to edit a few words by deleting them (using backspace key) and
then desiring to type in the new word. What resulted was that the word
was deleted but the insertion started overlapping the remaining
previous text.

Is there a way to edit text, removing anything from parts of a word to
even complete phrases, and then entering anything from a new bit (of a
word) to possibly even paragraphs (if not even more) without 'writing
over' the remaining previous text?

(Have I explained this badly - - - I hope not!)


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