[Geany-Users] GeanyBuiltInDebianButNoDebugger

Geoff Kaniuk geoff at xxxxx
Tue Sep 15 20:41:38 UTC 2020

I have installed geany-1.36 and geany-plugins-1.36 in my Debian-Buster 
system from the downloaded .tar.gz files. There were a few repeated 
warning messages including text like:
	modifier ignored, libtool: warning: relinking,
	'g_type_class_add_private’ is deprecated.

I am happy to pass these on if you think they are relevant. The basic 
Geany package seems to be working as expected, but the debugger plugin 
does not appear in the Plugin Manager list. It was built and is listed 
in /usr/local/geany.

The Geany->Help->Debug Messages command produced:
18:07:00: Geany INFO: Geany 1.36, en_GB.UTF-8
18:07:00: Geany INFO: GTK 2.24.32, GLib 2.58.3
18:07:00: Geany INFO: System data dir: /usr/local/share/geany
18:07:00: Geany INFO: User config dir: /home/geoff/.config/geany
18:07:00: Geany INFO: System plugin path: /usr/local/lib/geany
18:07:00: Geany INFO : Loaded libvte from libvte.so
18:07:06: Geany INFO : Can't load plugin:ibgeanypluginutils.so.0:
			  cannot open shared object file:
			  No such file or directory

18:07:06: Geany INFO : Failed to load "/usr/local/lib/geany/debugger.so"
			- ignoring plugin!
18:07:06: Geany INFO : Failed to load "/usr/local/lib/geany/scope.so"
		       - ignoring plugin!

and many more similar. I did not enable GTK3 as I was not sure if I 
needed it for debugger. Can you please advise me what to do next?

If I do need to build against GTK3, then what is the best procedure? I 
think it may be along the following lines:

A. Uninstall Geany and Geany plugins.
How best to do this?  It looks like there is a target uninstall: in 
Makefiles.  For Buster my command would be:
~$ sudo -s make uninstall

B. Enable GTK3 and build.
There is an option --enable-gtk3 in ./configure --help  for geany-1.36, 
but gtk3 is not mentioned in ./configure --help for geany-plugins-1.36

So presumably the plan is:
~/geany-1.36$ ./configure --enable-gtk3
~/geany-1.36$ make
~/geany-1.36$ sudo -s make install


~/geany-plugins-1.36$ ./configure
~/geany-plugins-1.36$ make
~/geany-plugins-1.36$ sudo -s make install

Please let me know if you want any further detail, and if you would do 
something different to the above.

Many thanks for any help!


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