[Geany-Users] automatically show "Read Only" when opening root owned

bendov at gmx.com bendov at xxxxx
Sat Sep 12 22:40:34 UTC 2020

I thought Geany automatically showed "Read Only" in title bar, on
opening root owned or protected files, or it changed the tab background
or text.  From the menu, you can manually mark a file read-only & it
changes the tab text to green - for me.
I want it to prominently auto-indicate RO files, when I open them.

In the manual,

"/To override GTK+ CSS styles, you can use traditional mechanisms or you
can create a file named //geany.css//in the user configuration directory
(usually //~/.config/geany//)/..."

"/Geany offers a number of CSS IDs ("properties"?) which can be used to
//taylor//[tailor] its //appearence//appearance. Among the more
interesting include:/

"/geany-document-status-/*/readyonly/**/`/*/- the style for document tab
labels when the document is read-only"/
[Note: the backward mark (grave) after "read*y*only" AND the extra 'y'
in line above are probably typos]?

"Style for... tab labels" - means changing text color, weight and style:
"color: #FFFF00;"
  "font-style: italic;"

Tried common syntax changes for this - not working.  Should it be
"readonly", or maybe "read-only?" Tried both - no change.
I assume the css property / selector should have a period or # mark in
front of "geany-document-status-read...?"

In my ~/.config/geany directory there's a "gtk-3.0" folder.  I don't
remember if I created it.  There is a geany.css file in it w/ some
-GtkScrollbar properties (that don't seem to affect Geany).

In Preferences/Various, the STATUSBAR template line has %w (to show mode
RO or INS or OVR). Doesn't recognize read-only (root) files, until I
manually set it to RO via the menu.  Then status bar shows RO.

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