[Geany-Users] proper upgrade technique

Geoff Kaniuk geoff at xxxxx
Mon Nov 16 13:49:59 UTC 2020

My plan was to wait until 1.38 is released and then re-install Geany 
with GTK3.  It would be a big distraction for me as I have a good 
working Geany at the moment and am busy with projects.

For the record I have double checked my paths and they are the debian 
~$ sudo -i
~# echo $PATH

~$ echo $PATH

I have only a very superficial knowledge of autotools, but have located 
all the instances of ldconfig in Geany 1.36 source. I see how the paths 
for ldconfig are set up in config.status, libtool, configure, libtol.m4. 
The ubuntu fix is only in Makefile.am, Makefile, Makefile.in. Is it 
possible for some distro to put ldconfig in some location not involving 

I was wondering if one could discover where ldconfig was located by 
invoking 'whereis' in the autotools, and then prefixing the path to 
ldconfig.  Maybe this is what Lex meant by hard coding? But in this way 
one is not making any assumptions about the location of ldconfig.

I really do appreciate the work you are doing here - thanks!


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On 15/11/2020 23:00, Colomban Wendling via Users wrote:
> Le 15/11/2020 à 11:28, Lex Trotman a écrit :
>> On Sun, 15 Nov 2020 at 20:11, Colomban Wendling
>>> This is our Ubuntu hack `fix-ubuntu-libdir` that you can find in
>>> src/Makefile.am.
>> Ok, so why not do exactly as autotools does, adding /sbin to path?
> Sounds like a good idea if libtool is doing this already.  I made a
> tentative PR: https://github.com/geany/geany/pull/2661
> Geoff, could you test this and see if it does fix the issue?  thanks!
> Regards,
> Colomban
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