[Geany-Users] Activating plugins via BASH scripts

Robert L. Miers PE rmiers at xxxxx
Mon May 25 09:46:24 UTC 2020

Hi all


For several years, I have used Raspberry PI’s as a platform.  Over this time
frame I have developed a series of BASH scripts to configure the Debian OS
to include my choice of additional apts. 

So far I’ve been successful saving my current “developer’ “snippets” info
and my templates and then inserting them back into Geany once the new OS is

Currently during the install of my “extra” stuff, I now installing the
plugins, but have to use Geany itself to activate my choices.

What I now want to accomplish is to have the BASH script activate my choices

I have been unsuccessful in finding where and how to do this task.

If someone can point me to this information, It will be greatly appreciated.





Robert L. Miers, PE

1396 Goodwin Dr

Chino Valley, AZ 86323-5743

520-305-6235 Bob's cell

Bob:   <mailto:rmiers at pinalinternet.net> rmiers at pinalinternet.net

Registered Professional Engineer
Amateur Radio Operator KØWHF



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