[Geany-Users] Color configurstion in Geany

Carl Caulkett carl.caulkett at xxxxx
Sun May 24 12:21:55 UTC 2020

Thanks for the reply Lex! I’ve found the `Geany.css` and after dutifully
making a backup of `Geany.app` I will see what damage I can do 😉

On 24 May 2020 at 00:29:01, Lex Trotman (elextr at gmail.com) wrote:

Note that the very latest download geany-1.36_osx-2.dmg is GTK3 IIUC
so you need to edit CSSes for that one. And geany.css should then
override the GTK theme.


On Sun, 24 May 2020 at 05:45, <bendov at gmx.com> wrote:
> On 5/21/20 7:07 AM, Carl Caulkett wrote:
> > I’ve just installed Geany, have downloaded the Geany themes and have
> > selected the Solarized (Dark) scheme. Now I would like to be able to
> > adjust the colors of the surrounding elements of Geany, the toolbar,
> > the side panel, the terminal panel and so on, but I cannot figure out
> > a way to do this. I had hoped that editing `geany.css` might be
> > involved, but it’s not clear (to me, at least!) if this is the case.
> >
> > Any ideas, anyone? Thanks!
> >
> Before you do anything to anything, make backups of files BEFORE you
> even open them. And add to the orig. name, enough so you'll know from
> where & when they came, so you can restore if things go south (& they
> can, in a heartbeat).
> Some / much of what or how you change the interface of apps (Geany) may
> depend on your OS.
> In Linux (Mint), the GUI colors use the colors of the system theme.
> Unless you have experience modifying themes, it's probably easier to
> find a custom theme that supports your OS version. If in Linux, a 3rd
> party theme also needs to support the OS version, the "desktop
> environment" (DE) & the DE version.
> Specifically, the theme for apps that use GTK2.0 - unless the latest
> Geany versions use something other than GTK2.0.
> GTK2 uses mainly the gtkrc file for theming the interface. Changes to
> the OS selected theme will usually affect all apps & OS screens that use
> the same theming engine - what ever that is.
> Windows will be different. If you're using a native theme, shipped with
> (what ever) OS, that's generally what apps use unless you add another
> theme or modify a native theme.
> Modifying existing themes or installing D/L ones is relatively easy in
> Linux. Tutorials are everywhere showing how to edit / create / or
> install a new theme.
> It may not be as easy in Windows (I haven't used it in several yrs).
> In my Linux install of Geany, in /usr/share/geany directory, there is a
> "geany.css", "geany.gtkrc" (GTK2 file) & geany.glade. "Glade" is one of
> many GTK2.0 theming engines. None of the files appear to be complete
> themes. In my case, much of the UI code in /usr/share/geany is probably
> overridden by the installed / selected theme in my /home directory.
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