[Geany-Users] Color configurstion in Geany

Carl Caulkett carl.caulkett at xxxxx
Thu May 21 14:45:34 UTC 2020

Thanks for the reply. I’m on a mere toy operating system, namely macOS 😉
(I’m being sarcastic, BTW, I know that under the hood macOS is very Unix
(or should I say FreeBSD) in flavour).

I’ll have a search on GTK matters and see what I can find...


On 21 May 2020 at 14:37:34, Dominic Hopf via Users (users at lists.geany.org)

On Thu, 2020-05-21 at 05:07 -0700, Carl Caulkett wrote:
> I’ve just installed Geany, have downloaded the Geany themes and have
> selected the Solarized (Dark) scheme. Now I would like to be able to
> adjust the colors of the surrounding elements of Geany, the toolbar,
> the side panel, the terminal panel and so on, but I cannot figure out
> a way to do this. I had hoped that editing `geany.css` might be
> involved, but it’s not clear (to me, at least!) if this is the case.
> Any ideas, anyone? Thanks!

This is not adjustable in Geany at all, as it's everything GTK around,
you will have to set an appropriate GTK theme for this. You usually do
this in your Window Manager (Xfce, Gnome, whatever you use), there must
be some settings for "Appereance" or similar.

It is possible to install additional themes for that, though. On Fedora
for example you can do a "dnf search greybird" to find a cool dark
theme which could probably please you.

It of course is possible to adjust settings in a configuration file
named gtkrc, but thats probably getting a bit too complicated - didn't
do that myself ever.

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