[Geany-Users] Users Digest, Vol 173, Issue 2

Jim jf_byrnes at xxxxx
Sat May 16 14:11:34 UTC 2020

On 5/16/20 5:43 AM, Tim Wallace wrote:
> Jim
> You might find that the code snippets option might be more useful in your
> case.
> For example,  define a snippet:
> ac="apply_colors"
> and now anytime you type
> ac<tab_key>
> apply_colors will appear in your code.
> I find it very useful,  especialy when I want to insert multiline boiler
> plate code or comments.

Thanks, I can see where snippets can be useful. In this case 
apply_colors is defined once and called twice. It is specific to this 
script and I may never use that name again.


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