[Geany-Users] Which C++ compiler for Windows 10?

Gösta Ljungdahl gosta.ljungdahl at xxxxx
Thu Jun 25 16:51:05 UTC 2020

Geany works fine with mingw32. I have not tried any other. I suppose it would also well with the various mingw-w64 compilers out there.

But since win10 now has a linux subsystem I have a mind to try and install Geany in Ubuntu or OpenSuse because under Linux you can take advantage of the virtual terminal. You can install a win10 X-server and use that for to display linux GUI programs. I suppose you could also take advantage of the linux g++ compiler and use it to build linux executables or use it to cross-compile windows executables. My command line programs run just fine in the Linux subsystem. Depends on what you want to use the compiler for, of course.

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Ämne: [Geany-Users] Which C++ compiler for Windows 10?

There are several good C++ compilers for Windows 10. Which one works
best with Geany?
Thank you!
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